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Receive premium smart watering technology (up to $460 value) until supplies run out! In partnership with Local Government Commission, this limited-time program encourages Fresno County homeowners to maximize watering efficiency. Just pay a small shipping fee.

Water only when needed

Rachio owners save 30-50% on their water bill every month

  • Smart home meets smart lawn.

    Control your sprinklers from anywhere with your mobile device.

  • Set it and forget it.

    Calculates when and how long to run your sprinklers.

  • Never water in the rain.

    Predictive schedules adjust to local weather conditions.

  • Effortless monthly savings.

    See big savings on water bills.

  • Plays well with others.

    Easily connect to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and more.

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In partnership with Local Government Commission.

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Rachio Support

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